Raila is using the handshake deal to position himself for 2022

Kilasi Moses

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If you are a keen political analyst, you will notice what Raila is doing to entrench the Hanshake deal inorder to assume power in 2022:

  1. He took Uhuru hostage
  2. He orchestrated BBI inorder to change the constitution to entrench him into power
  3. He has managed to literally obliterate his main opponent Ruto
  4. To ensure BBI passes without a fight, he has convinced Uhuru to clean up his party in both houses inorder to install their sychophants to pass the Refereundum Issue
  5. To ensure total control in the house, Western parties that currently have a major beef with him need to be on his side.
He has lost clout with Western since 2013 so what thales best option of ensuring he has Westerns support for BBI? Vanquish the only parties alive in Western that is FK and ANC and install his stooges Wamalwa, Atwoli, Oparanya, keep them in his corner and get this numbers to push that BBI monster with Uhuru bila maswali.

If you haven't seen this far and are still living in utopia thinking that the shenanigans going on in Western politics is just but coincidence then my friend you need to buy new masks and start breathing again!


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Not necessarily true. Luhya's we are weak as voting block . We love always crying and blaming other tribes. We need to empower our people. We need to be one.... Which again will never happen due to our cultures.