Luhya realignment: The week that was in luhya politics.


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The week ending today has been the most active in the politics of Mulembe Nation this year. We saw both the good and the bad. The ABALUHYIA were in the headlines for scoring many goals. unfortunately some of the goals were own goals making us lose to our opponents.


The good move to get AFC Leopards a permanent home, was a classic goal scored by our able striker Musalia Mudavadi who gave a cheque to offset the payment of land rates and gave players money to cushion them against covid 19. AFC Leopards has always been the uniting factor in the luhyia nation, yet the team is mismanaged, is debt ridden and has not won any major trophy for decades. We the Luhyia leaders must come to it's aid. #LuhyiaRenaissance can only be promoted via a strong AFC LEOPARDS. Mudavadi did it this week. Kudos


Striker papa Atwoli scored a second goal and put us infront, by using his money and home in KAJIADO to bring together all the Luhyia governors senators and a cross section of MPS. He dubbed it the LUHYIA unity talks. All of us want peace. We want unity.
And Atwoli provided the platform for this. No Luhyia strikers including the past legends like Wamalwa Kijana, Masinde Muliro or Martin Shikuku can boast of having tried to bring us together as Atwoli has done in the recent past. Including using millions on Bukhungu 1 where he installed Musalia as the Luhyia spokesman. The Kajiado meeting had all the hallmarks of success.
Kudos super striker Atwoli... goal number 2.. courtesy of papa Atwoli... We were ahead. until

The rest of the goals were scored in our own goal and gave our opponents advantage over us.

1. Inviting the press to Kajiado meeting

Kajiado meeting ended up being an own goal when we allowed press, bloggers and other busy bodies to go taking photos and clips of our leaders. The press release that followed was not well handled and as a qualified highly sought after communications strategist manager at KNUT, I can tell you for free, that many times Media distorts. Media,is enemy number one to unity talks. Media thrives in dividing us.
Atwoli and the Luhyia who met had good intentions.. but the press ended up minoring on minors of the meeting. They ended up showing us the after meeting dance, nyamai choma and such.. and refused to capture the nitty gritties andreal issues raised and discussed. We the Luhyia must learn to have secrets. All other tribes in Kenya are meeting and strategizing for 2022. But you will never see them call press conference to tell us what they discussed. That was an own goal. scores. 2 in our favour.. one against us.

We saw the so called purge in parliament where several Washiali was replaced by Wangwe. We saw Chris Wamalwa replaced by Eseli Simiyu. Own goals. Eseli Simiyu and Chris Wamalwa are brothers, friends, members of Ford Kenya. How do you allow to be divided by one of you replacing the other? That is total traitorship. Senator Kamar, rejected attempts to replace Murkomen in the senate.. why... she said.. she will be seen as a traitor back home. To add insult to injury.. another two Luhyias were interchanged as Majority whips in Parliament. Washiali and Wangwe... both of them are from Kakamega county, Jubilee party members.. brothers.. but see how they score own goals. It can only happen in Luhyia land. The Luos can never allow Orengo to be replaced by AMOLLO Otiende. it cannot happen. If we are serious about 2022, we must learn to support one another and not be used to fight each other.
That was an own goal.. 2..2.


Which led to visits at the registrar of parties, to numerous press conferences, insults, betrayals, love lost.. etc... only for registra to send us back to our NEC and voters AND DECLARE THAT STATUS QUO REMAINS. Look at all that lost energy. What happened in Ford Kenya this week was too embarrassing, that I don't want to dwell on it. We lost it. Shame on you all Ford Kenya leaders of Wamunyinyi, Eseli, Wetangula etc. You scored in our own net. We were now trailing.
2. 3.

4. .The flights to Webuye, Bungoma,Trans Nzoia, Kakamega and Busia

The CS Devolution and the governors involved intended to distribute food and also meet Luhyia elders to talk of our direction going forward. Again you note.. Cs Wamalwa, Oparanya etc had good intentions. But again.. they allowed politics to come into play by inviting a rival faction of the wrangling ford Kenya officials to accompany them. They also invited media, bloggers etc. The standoff at Webuye and Kakamega airstrips more highlighted than the food distribution. It brought out the bad about us. I was particularly sad when they landed in Kakamega, and heard youths shouting at them and invoking the name of DP RUTO. I have no issues with Ruto.. but the youths seemed to lack direction. We have our own sons in Western who want to take over govt in 2022. Instead of the youths singing praises to our sons we saw them embarrass us by singing praises to Ruto. Simply.. the flights were not well organised, politics took center stage.. and we allowed bloggers and media to ruin an otherwise good event. Again ..own goal. Final score we lost 4 goals to one.


1. That a day in politics is like a thousand years.
2. Papa Atwoli is our Elder. He means well for us. He is doing his best to unite us. we must protect him from bad press, bloggers and various enemies of Luhyia nation.
3. We must learn to keep secrets.
4. We are our own enemies. We are used by others to fight each other

Someone to remind Eunice Wamalwa, Oparanya and Weedman that Luhyaland Voted Mganga 5 times. For now we are united and rally behind Weta and Musalia Mudavadi.